The Idea Farm (IF) Academy, Inc



The Mission of The Idea Farm Academy is unique, yet simple, We Make “IF” Happen! The Mission is not complex because The IF Academy has a Mission to Develop/Implement/Provide comprehensive and relevant programming with partners from Local or Community Business and Industries/Schools/Faith Based Centers/Libraries/Community Centers to prepare, empower and improve the Quality of Life for vulnerable communities and populations by utilizing Programs/Activities/Experiences that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). We have a clear  vision of providing as many opportunities to experience, grow and enjoy  STEAM, because cultivating a future filled with success will heavily involve STEAM. The IF Academy is creating 21st Century Citizens with innovative and effective programs for vulnerable communities and populations. The Vision of The IF Academy will guide our efforts to Cultivate The Seeds of Thought into The Fruits of Success and create the “mind shift” necessary for “IF” to Happen.

Sustainable Development Goals
10 People | 6 Impacts | 16 Hours